Ever since its inception in 2003, the Elite Art association has implemented major projects characterized by high artistic quality in view of promoting universal cultural values in Romania and abroad. The association has directed its efforts towards promoting young artists by organizing complex cultural projects which have gained national and international recognition. The Elite Art musical projects represent a space which provides young artists with the chance of affirming their talents and presents the public with the performances of well-renowned artists.

The “Classics for Pleasure Festival” is one of the association’s most important musical projects; it is a major event of high artistic tenure, conceived in conformity with European entertainment standards. It comprises several classical music concerts and ends with a BBC Proms inspired concert entitled Proms of Delight.

Taking into consideration the growing importance of civil society projects for social development the “Classics for Pleasure” Festival aims to develop in Romania a sustainable professional centre for artistic development. The Festival presents young talented artists with the possibility of collaborating with internationally relevant artistic personalities and of performing in front of a large audience. At the same time, “Classics for Pleasure” fulfills the public’s need of having access to a cultural offer characterized by high professional standards.

The general objective of the event is the development of cultural projects in Romania by improving cultural dialogue and by contributing to a better understanding of cultural diversity.

Specifically, the “Classics for Pleasure” Festival aims to:

  • Promote Romania as a high standard professional cultural hub in the classical music industry, able to compete with cultural programs from all over the world, by expanding the possibilities of implementing a variety of artistic and cultural activities
  • Attract and consolidate the public’s interest for culture, especially for classical music
  • Inform the audience about the benefits of classic music in all its diversity.

The project is organized by the Elite Art Association.