Classics for Pleasure

December 2016

Urmariti acest video
pentru a afla
de ce iubim opera

De ce este opera importantă? De ce orice artă este importantă? Ne oferă o reflectare a ceea ce suntem, a modului în care ne raportăm la ceilalți și a ceea ce înseamnă, colectiv și individual, a fi uman. Opera interpretată în direct este o experiență unică palpitantă – la maximum, este extrem de puternică și cea mai emoționantă directă a tuturor formelor de artă. Combinația de narațiune dramatică, scenă și muzică, și mai ales gama și vulnerabilitatea vocii umane, fac din opera forma artei care vine cel mai aproape de a exprima emoții pure. Este povestea spusa in cel mai viu și mai impresionant mod.

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    Powerful emotions
    The opera germinates its own aesthetic emotions.
    A truly outstanding opera song is memorable, emotional and very personal. Not everyone likes the same things – that's part of what makes music so wonderful, after all.
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    Peace of mind
    peace and harmony
    The opera brings peace and harmony among people. Opera can make us see, feel and hear the world differently. Good opera is important if it makes people feel something. It is especially important if those feelings incline people to higher aspiration, greater sympathy, or more profound self-knowledge.
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    freedom from oneself and from others
    Why is opera important? Why is any art important? It offers us a reflection of who we are, how we relate to others, and what it means, collectively and individually, to be human. The big moments in opera are usually the ones that deal most directly in the big human themes: life, love, death, loss, passion, joy, anger – but opera can be subtle as well as showy.
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    universal, emotionally powerful, visceral
    Opera performed live is a uniquely thrilling experience – at its best, it is hugely powerful and the most emotionally direct of all art forms. The combination of dramatic narrative, stagecraft and music, and especially the range and vulnerability of the human voice, make opera the art form that comes closest to expressing pure emotion.
16 December 2016

Art Moment

Pictura oferă un hobby distractiv, care ajuta la concentrare și oferă numeroase beneficii pentru sănătate. Va prezentam cateva beneficii ale picturii care promovează sănătatea mintală și îmbunătățesc calitatea vieții.

  • Powerful emotions
    Fosters Creative Growth
    Taking up a hobby like painting is not just for the creative types, though. The more analytical left-brainers can stimulate and nurture their creative growth by practicing painting as well. Practice and focus, two skills inherent in left-brain individuals, allow these people to learn creative skills at their own pace.
  • Memory improvement
    Strengthens Memory
    Painting boosts memory recollection skills and works to sharpen the mind through conceptual visualization and implementation. People who frequently use creative outlets such as writing, painting, and drawing have less chance of developing memory loss illnesses when they get older.
  • Builds Problem-Solving and Motor Skills
    Promotes critical thinking
    Motor skills improve when a person picks up painting as a hobby. Dexterously handling a paintbrush increases mobility in the hands and fingers. The fine motor skills that a painter develops eventually become mental shortcuts that the brain implements in everyday life.
  • Stress Relief
    Mental health
    When people create something beautiful through painting, they stimulate the creative mind while relieving mental strain. Releasing anxiety in the form of painting helps a person unwind and let go of all the pressures that plague the mind. A low stress level leads to a happier, healthier lifestyle and helps improve overall mental health.