August 10-12, 2018 | Sibiu, Romania

Classics for Pleasure
100 de ani de excelenta

Everybody’s Music

AUGUST 10, 2018

Proms of Delight



Conductor: Adrian Petrescu
Soloists: Luiza Fatyol and Marius Budoiu

Orchestra: State Philharmonic ‘Transylvania’
from Cluj-Napoca

AUGUST 11, 2018

Baroque delight

Ursulinelor Church at 4:00 PM


Conductor: Constantin Adrian Grigore

Orchestra: Royal Camerata

Rock Games

Large Square at 8:00 PM


Orchestra: Philharmonia Elite
Conductor: Alexandru Ilie
Soloist: Adrian Petrescu

AUGUST 12, 2018

Classic & Magnific

Large Square at 8:00 PM


Conductor: Petre Sbarcea

Soloists: Felicia Filip and Diana Maria Petrache

Orchestra: Sibiu Philharmonic Orchestra

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